Mamey Sapote | Fruits You've Never Heard Of

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Shared June 22, 2022

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Mamey Sapote (Pouteria sapota)

Ma. Eugenia Mendiola González

Juan Cruzado Cortés

Biól. Obed Palagot Echavarria

Martín Sánchez Vilchis

Manuel de Jesús Hernández Ancheita

José Belem Hernández Díaz

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I’d say the mamey tastes very close to pumpkin with a dash of vanilla. I’m not sure I’d say it’s savory. It just has that fleshy, sweet texture, that can be scooped with a spoon very easily.

3:30 > Ancient Aztecs dating 4000 years ago

The Aztecs are not ancient, they were the youngest of the big civilizations in Mexico before the arrival of the Spanish. The Aztec period starts around the year 1300 AD with the first Aztec emperor, and ends two hundred years later, in 1521 with the fall of Tenochtitlan (Mexico City).

By comparison, the conquest of England by the Normans (French-Vikings) was in 1065 AD, and the Roman empire collapsed around the year 450 AD.

The Aztec civilization barely got off its feet. What is true is that there were people living in the same region as the Aztecs for thousands of years, and they spoke the same language (Nahuatl), but they didn’t form an empire until much later.

On the other hand, the Mayan civilization did start earlier, like in 200 BC, and it reached a peak and then a decline. By the time of the Spanish arrival, the Mayans didn’t have a big empire, instead there were many scattered city-states in Yucatan, Guatemala and Central America.

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The Aztecs weren’t around for 4,000 years.

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