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  1. i dont follow back, so dont follow me, because i dont need an audience either, im just a geniustupid person screaming his opinions on the internet, because strength and honesty are necessary for Justice, without it..all we have is injustice.

  2. I may sound lonely sometimes, but im not.. i used to be a hopeless romantic, but i left that path behind me almost a decade ago.. i just chill with videogames, film and music.. because Everything is overrated and humans can be disappointing. but life goes on so enjoy it, since we all live for our little comforts and freedom. As well as nature gifting us with the motivations of survival and pleasure… (nothing lasts forever so choose your path, pick that poison)…on with the rambling!

  3. I’m NOT on facebook & i Don’t know that dude who has the same name, lol… pretty sure they stole it too. Because those who know i made this name also know i’m on FaceBook, but i dont use that FB website or an FB account anymore. (But here’s some info about me Disclaimer: if i feel someone is stalking me or harrassing me [or just pure-evil], i can behave violent very quick, so don’t be too alarmed if i say the word stab, it’s usually how i react to conflict IRL… so i throw the word around sometimes.. ONLINE, it’s also why i avoid people… literally, i play videogames and clean up my home..if im not working outside, because i dont see much else of a reason to be outside, long Bio, but i guess the whole point of it is to understand others, right?) Runescape is the game i play the most but i often stop playing because it’s basically an EXTREMELY long game (longest game in human history, i bet) & a waste of time, lol.

I speak English and Dutch (mostly), but my channel is just for viewing videos… So it’s not for uploading, i do however make comments for fun and vanity, maybe it can help you understand the world. (I’m here to seek facts, and i consider myself the smartest thingy alive, so like Einstein i dont have time to argue with idiots, not much time, at least)

all you really need to know is the Nazis.. used censorship, So there’s a reason why America has FreeSpeech, because totalitarian..centralized.. “repressive tolerance” powers are evil. And all you need to ask yourself is 1 question, is this really what you want your life to be? ideology usually leads to slaughter

Furthermore people should never be divided by ideology like in race Or in politics. Tribes are only useful to keep us protected, because abuse (like murder and theft) & lies (propaganda) follow such actions, And corrupt agents love chaos, because they use such situations to seize power, This counts for everything..like banks too… we are living in the DIGITAL intellectual wars era, so we need to study beliefs.. or we will be doomed by them.

I will say freedom and education above all, as MLK always called for peaceful resistence (not violence, nor hate… but fair treatment), i may not agree with him on Reparations, because work is how you secure your future, not money. but i understand MANY people have been wronged, let’s work together to make things right. (and understand each other, im a bit crazy sometimes, because i have a certain warrior mentality, but my will is almost always good, if it ain’t that’s a mental health issue, i might have an identity disorder, who knows? I’m a self pro-claimed crazy person… So im constantly dealing with my own stuff… in a sea of idiots, So nah, im not waving, im running away, walking on my water, like Jesus…lol sometimes i troll for fun, too!)

Also i feel we need to study the story of Jesus & Superman, because the latter tackles being better than a racist, IMO… and the former tackles how we must sacrifice ourselves by doing what is good, clearing a path for paradise/our future as mankind

QuickSideNote: Communism is slavery and socialism is a religion, these are not ideologies i support under any circumstances.. but i understand commies are not wrong about everything so i treat them like humans, not like evil animals. I know i said humans shouldn’t be devided by politics but Nazis were socialists and i have Jewish & Venezuelan family, so not all ideas are equal, the holocaust was gross and sick, as well as what is happening to my family in Venezuela. be good to each other and REACT against injustice! No One has all the answers, so don’t trust anyone, and dont believe in anything, until you know it’s weaknesses.

they deleted my tumblr in August , dont care. They deleted my YT channel or suspended it in October, still dont care. This channel will be deleted in time, so i’m just doing my thing before change hits. And yes, i’m one of jaded joys and cynical depression.

Ladies, make sure you pee after sex, you dont want a bladder infection!

Also, i dont believe in anything except what i created and detect for myself in reality, so dont believe in me, and the internet is just a place to share art and ideas… not real life, Keep it Open & Free for all!

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