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Shared April 13, 2022

18+ graphical image(s), this is not for the young ones, but it is a video i often think about it… as i see videos of criminals almost every week & day, for over a decade now… but ive been paying attention for much longer..than i care to remember.

it’s educational and fictional, but also… very important thoughts about life, as all of his videos are. This video is in WMV format, which is why it took so long to upload it, i know how to convert it, i suggest you learn the same, but i am unwilling to waste time doing so, hopefully it plays well, if it doesn’t i suggest you download it and fix it for yourself. stop reading this, it’s now a waste of time.

this video inspired me to upload this, because of the lies people tell… to nudge their views/beliefs upon others.

no one should have to live in this world, unless their parents chose them. people need to stop lying for the control of the path of others. It’s time to respect freedom, even if it doesn’t seem to be going well for us, the past was much worse.

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

when you ignore reality for lies… The Left is a lie & Religion is also lies. This is the world we have created.

white people and black people were not treated the same under slavery, but millions are being told that they were.’s-on-tiktok:4

‘anti-freedom” is the reason i uploaded this video, people don’t like it that others have the freedom to do porn/sex and live the single lifestyle, of course there are those who also..want to save the young ones, but this world is like hell, so we don’t need to save people who are not here. you are not a person in my book until you are peoples… and people know what yoghurt is. i’m saying i’m pro abortion, which is how i got that first dislike, YAY!! (im joking about the peoples part, but yeah, i care about the right not to be a parent, i dont want young ones to be “killed” by abortion, BUT i am pro-freedom for the people here and i’m curious to see how the world is evolving, as the Middle East, China and Africa keeps having kids, but the western world does not have kids like they used to…. i want to see how it will effect the west, not wanting a collapse, but waiting for it, because i know it is coming …we should protect and educate the kids here, instead of trying to push for overpopulation).

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