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Shared October 8, 2021

Why do we believe what we believe?…
I don’t like Alex Jones (i don’t believe him)
I don’t like David Icke (i don’t believe him)
And if this video is taken down, it wasn’t the Russians… You gotta do what’s best for you… we all got choices to make… belief is for those who buy SnakeOil, and our time here is short, remember that. Ironic… this was the most depressing video i ever found on the internet (and i’ve seen some things).

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Pastor Shadilay Kekistan

Henlo fren. Left a message on your community page. Gave you a timeout on salty cracker’s page so we could chat :D Get at me when you’re able to, just wanna find out what you’re about and see if I can help. You’re either skilled, starting shit, or both … either way, I’d like a word :D

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Pastor Shadilay Kekistan

do you believe black people bear the image of God and have just as much right to this nation as their birthright as we do ???

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

WHEN DID I SAY I WAS A DEMOCRAT THOUGH? i never said i was a democrat, i used the word once in my life…to refer to myself THEN i read about democracy the next day and the democrats, and then i corrected myself..and referred to myself as a liberal, Ergo i only identified with democrats for 24 hours in my whole life, just making this point clear, because many conservatives seem to be insane… they cant stop accusing me of being a leftist or a democrat.

i dont believe in the left and right…for the record, they are insanity.

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

you deleted your comment so you could say this stupid shit? blocked!

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

also by they i mean THEIR ALLIES, when your ALLIES are abducted, and possibily some of your people survived the abductions by being with your allies or out on a hunt, this leads to a dying off of many villages and tribes. survivors and their allies died off… due to Europe and the USA decimating their numbers… by taking slaves.

I’m taking about REAL HISTORY here, which is simply the result of my HIGH IQ.. thinking, i didn’t read anything i just said… in a book and NO ONE told it to me. I THINK A LOT….but thinking only matters if you have clarity.

  • the only part of this story i just told …being related to The Left.. Is a film scene where i saw whites hunt down a slave, and i thought of the implications that has had on history… SO no one on the left …in other words has directly influenced ..this or anything i just said, it’s a product of my mind and i consider myself a philosopher of sorts, lol. When you actually think about all the harm slavery has done, the facts are… horrendous..and it explains why the USA is so ruined now.

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Alright Begby you big spunksack.

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

@I’mRight:7 you deleted your comment (that i replied to) so you could say this stupid shit? blocked!

(edit) (i’m going say it again), i’m just forwarding information someone else created and organized, if you dont like it, that’s your choice to make. :P i don’t care for your beliefs, (i never needed to know you existed).

the edit is my reply to his first comment, where he said this video is crap or something like that, and i said I DIDNT MAKE THE VIDEO, i love it, so im sharing it…is what im trying to say, lol.

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

That is a very interesting question, because a nation is a creation, a fabrication………. BUT at the same time, i do believe a system of law needs to be obeyed, if the laws are Just/Fair. As for black people, many are white and many whites are part black.

so racial issues are NOT much more than skin-deep. since Africans and Europeans are related. and the main differences between then are ONLY real… because of millions of years of evolution between groups, for example.. my grand daddy was half German Jew(Israeli) …and he grew up in a black country, so he went through Black Evolution, because Evolution works in groups, which is also hinting that whites in the USA are growing through Native American evolution ergo….your whites in the USA are evolving into indians…lol, literally.

  1. there is no god.

  2. a birthright comes with work and a nation that one has built, as well as what a family has achieved.

  3. If you think whites are better than blacks and they need to go back to Africa because you dont like black skin, then we have a serious fucking problem here.

there are many black thieves, slavery created that… because it left millions of black people homeless throughout the centuries.. and not in the USA alone.

a good example is entire villages being abducted from Africa = which means they couldnt survive being slaughtered by neighboring tribes… and if that wasnt the problem, they would still die out by animals.. of a vicious variety eating them, OR starvation.

whites should feel some guilt for the shit that their nations did in the past, especially considering… it’s why the communists have now taken over the USA… sort of, through the shadow government and the shifting culture… in the teacher mentality.

So to answer your question…………. i think it’s a stupid question & it’s why everyone has been calling conservatives racist for 60-70 years, if you think thats dumb and who cares if they call us racist? ITS HOW YOU GOT HERE to 2022, lol

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