Retail Vlogs & Documentaries; R-URBEX in S.E. Wyo., S.W. Neb., & N. Col. ~ Optopolis is all about documenting open, closing, and abandoned retail establishments including Malls, Plazas, Stores, Restaurants, and MORE.

Some specific locations include (redacted) Mall, Cole Shopping Center/Blue FCU HQ, Kmart Loveland and Sears Thornton, and Village Inn Cheyenne and Burger King Fort Collins.

Optopolis drops retail videos at least once per week and always at 4 PM MT as well as one retail walking live stream per week at 6:30 PM MT. You can get notified for all of this content, just visit the “Get Direct Email Notifications” form in Optopolis’ About page links; you’ll get notified at least 12 hrs before all videos and 99% of all live streams.

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