This Mexican Grill was a BURGER KING! (Cheyenne, WY)

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Shared June 22, 2022

See what’s left of the abandoned Fernando’s Mexican Grill, former BURGER KING and MORE! To be replaced by DUTCH BROS!?

This Burger King has a complex history! It was built in 1992. It got replaced by Tokyo Bowl, which was later replaced by Rolando’s Mexican Grill. The Rolando’s trade name was dissolved in 2019 in favor of the Fernando’s trade name, which it lived it’s final years branded as such. After closing, customers were redirected to the Rodolfo’s Mexican Grill on Lincolnway. It is now set to be replaced by Dutch Bro’s Coffee; at the time of editing, the building still stands.

OH! Did anybody else notice the Wing Shack Wings sauce list at 2:34 on the right side of the video clip!?

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🕒 Chapters/Timestamps:
.∙: 0:00 Epic Musical Intro
.∙: 0:34 Initial preview of the abandoned Fernando’s
.∙: 1:10 Initial History as Burger King, Tokyo Bowl
.∙: 1:31 Walking through the drive thru, west side of lobby
.∙: 2:07 Rolando’s Mexican Grill (later Fernando’s) takes over
.∙: 2:24 Drive Thru Window, Trash area + SIGNAGE FOUND
.∙: 4:00 Rebrands to Fernando’s, Dutch Bros Coffee Plans submitted
.∙: 4:17 Lobby and east side of Fernando’s
.∙: 4:58 Special thanks to my Patrons!

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🎬 Date filmed: 2022/04/03

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Yep. I’ve been told its basically the same as the Lincolnway one so one can still get the food but yeah.

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Censored Mom

Rip Mexican place :(

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