Lewin’s Change Theory - UnFreeze, Change, ReFreeze Method

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Shared June 22, 2022

Lewin’s Change Theory looks at the way that we behave and change in organizations. In this theory, Kurt Lewin shares a specific model of change called the Unfreeze-Change-Freeze model. Lewin’s Change Theory is one of the social psychologist’s most important contributions to the field.

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Who considers Freud as the Father of Psychoanalysis? People who don’t know C.G.Jung! Lewin’s change theory is copy paste from Newton’s laws of motion! One who doesn’t practice interdisciplinary studies is a professional idiot! One who claims something old as new and something foreign as own is a thief and a liar.

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True dat

The little girl voice is a dead giveaway that this is pure bullshit. Who determines all this in any organization is exactly who is attempting to usurp the present leaders or those in charge. I join a company because I agree with its methods. Along comes some person who wants to unfreeze my thinking and behavior - and do it quickly - and then reshape my behavior, thoughts and feelings. Well, that is not what I agreed to when I began my employment but if I have mortgages, a family, etc. it may not be possible for me to simply leave so I will have to undergo a process I do not like in order to maintain my status. This is patently unfair and smacks of fascistic thinking. Having seen how this process plays out in many different places I must say I am glad I could just walk away from these idiotic attempts to unfreeze me. Team building is always a power play by the alphas. Period. It doesn’t resolve any real issues. This entire presentation is pure crapola.

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This method can also be used for evil: The Dems are trying to change the USA for the worse and the non-RINO Republicans are resisting.

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My God is Truth

Change: The media scare you about a virus and promises to save you if you just give up all of your rights and take this experimental injection. Resistance: Deplatform and censor anyone who disagree with the government no matter who that is.

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Jesus Christ Denton

This is merely the standard “break ‘em down, then build ‘em back the way you want” indoctrination strat. Same one the military uses on new recruits. Same one pimps use on prostitutes. Same one cult leaders use on those with weakened psycho-social immune systems. Same one the global elite parasite class is doing with this “build back better” bullshit. Same one public school “teachers” are using to convince kids to mutilate their genitals.

As old as humanity itself. One of the original namcubs.

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

Atheists try to change society for the better, Religionists try to keep slavery alive and turn women into baby factories and house slaves.

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My God is Truth

Correction. This method is usually used for evil. Like most psychology.

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Anon E Moose

leftists establish the framework, the middle right concedes within established framework. nothing is conserved by design. you have to be far enough right to not give a shit what the troons on the left want.

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While I agree that this methodology for organizational change can be used for nefarious purposes (for example, the DEI training that pushes a white oppression narrative, etc) it can also be used for good. The self-change at the end is a good example, or within an organization, the movie Gung Ho starring Michael Keaton gives a good example of a situation that could use effective change management to support everyone’s ultimate goal, — making a good product and earning a good living. Think of ways you can use this technique to change your own family for the better.

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True dat

We call this type of justification for controlling employees psychobabble. Or in this case fascism. Why do you work anywhere? Because how the place was structured appealed to you. Then someone says we can unfreeze your thinking and turn you into a metaphorical puddle then re-freeze you to a new set of thoughts and behaviors. That sounds too creepy and too much like mind-control.

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Welcome to BoongaBoonga's OongaPoonga

lefts care for humanity, right wingers worship corrupt Gods and Lucifer

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