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Shared August 5, 2022

Today we received a package with very rare / expensive Nintendo NES game that we haven’t had in the store in over a year! We also had a trade in of the Steel Battalion game and controller for the Original Xbox, along with some pricey Playstation games!

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📺 Kyle’s Twitch Channel (King_Lumague): https://bit.ly/3qzOwXn

📺 Adam’s Youtube Channel (@timelaggaming): https://bit.ly/3nBF8ka

📺 Intro Created By @prizmavizion: https://bit.ly/3swM852

Tons of Orders to Ship:(0:23)
1st Mopping:(0:38)
New Shelves & VHS Trade In:(1:55)
Weird Guy Senran Kagura:(5:51)
Testing Steel Battalion:(6:49)
Staff Picks:(11:46)
Trade Ins:(13:12)
Capcom is a Jerk!:(16:38)
Werewolf Sonic Plushies:(17:37)
Trade Ins:(18:09)
New Shelves Lookin Fly:(21:56)
Adam Made Weird Guy Cry:(25:27)
Question of the Day / Outtro:(26:26)

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