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Shared August 5, 2022

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we return to the OG San Andreas and complete something that served as one of the main inspirations of this channel, the Bigfoot myth I decided to clear before completing another yearly playthrough of this game. Beyond just this hunt, I found what appears to be the best mod completely hidden under the radar. Thanks for watching!
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GTA San Andreas was a masterpiece

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San andreas was the coolest game ever as a kid! It’s the first game I torrented, because I didn’t have a playstation or cool parents. Man was it fun game to play. That menu sound is nostalgia.

Sent from LBRY-GTK

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That was funny!

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Sorry. Got to watch on YouTube to get the highest resolution available.

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San Andreas had the coolest and most fun mods out of any game.

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

yo, my nippah… are you serious? you need to go there, it’s cool.


i was saddened by the fact that my crazy gf kicked me out and kept calling me, but she was never home when i visited, bitch broke my heart.

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Eyes to "See"

They should put this mod on the Switch for $9.99!

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