Day in the Life Van Life Mexico | 😮 STRANGERS TAKE US IN 📍San Felipe

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Shared June 13, 2022

Today did not go as planned, at all! We had all good intentions to take you from San Felipe to some glorious hot springs but then fate intervened. Sometimes you just have to say YES to life and van life lets us do that! 9 Countries in 9 Months let’s go! Become a Patreon today

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00:00 Van Life Day in the Life Mexico
01:09 Van Life Beach Workout
01:44 The Drone Crashed!
03:30 How to Drive Van Life in Sand
04:31 Driving in Mexico
05:20 We Meet New Friends
06:45 Hiking in Mexico in the Summer
11:51 Van Life Mexico Beach Day
14:40 Mexico Margaritas
16:07 Evening Routine Living in a Van in Mexico
18:43 Van Life Family Dinner
19:20 Sleeping in a Van
20:47 A Surprise from our Hosts!

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Nice job on the video! Happy and safe traveling.

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