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Shared June 16, 2022

So just how much can you expect to spend doing van life in Mexico? We show you how much we’re spending while driving through and living in our van in Mexico. Costs are an important part of trip planning, so watch this video to help make your budget!

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In this episode, we’re teaming up with some new friends and continuing our drive through Baja. There was a lot of learning on the go, but we figured so much about the cost of things along the way. Hopefully, you can use this information to help you budget your own van life adventure!

You’ll learn how little it costs to fill your water tank, load up on delicious fresh food, and gas up your van while paying less than you would in the States. Even paying for a campsite, something we don’t normally do in the US, is (usually) a steal in Mexico. We also discuss when to pay with cash and when to charge it to your credit card and how to find an affordable place to hook up to wifi.

Beyond the cost breakdown, you’ll get to visit some amazing hot springs with us, figure out how to keep the van cool in the Mexican heat, paddleboard with whale sharks, and fiesta on the beach! But it wasn’t all smooth going, but in the end, it was all FnA!

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00:00 What to Budget for Baja Mexico
00:29 Cost of Water in Mexico
01:35 Price of Groceries in Mexico
02:50 Price of Gas in Baja Mexico
03:58 Cost of Camping in Baja California
05:56 Today’s sponsor BetterHelp
07:37 Hot Springs in Baja California Mexico
08:34 How much are showers in Mexico
09:57 Is it expensive to eat out in Gonzaga Bay Mexico
11:21 Keeping the Van Cool with ZeroBreeze
13:11 The Best Adventures in Mexico are Free
13:29 Free Camping in Baja Mexico
15:32 Finding Internet in Baja Mexico
17:23 The Most Expensive Part of Van Life Mexico
18:33 Cost of Food in Baja

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Did the tide come in like Daytona Beach?

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That was good. One takes it your on the east coast. Very baron land scape, quite isolated yet all the mod cons, amazing. It would be interesting to see some more landscapes, especially from a safe higher elevation, just to grasp the distances and surrounds. That dog is seriously at home travelling around. 👍🇦🇺

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