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Shared June 8, 2022

We got the knock #vanlifecommunity #homeonwheels #vanlifemovement #police
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Scribble and The Archons

That stands for bureau of land management not Black Lifes Matter hahahaha I just now seen the WIKI link lol

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Big Logs Matter.

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LOL! Dude. And how is GOD any less crazy than the universe just shitting itself out of nothing?

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

considering a lot of BLM seem to be violent rioters and looters, as well as folk who attack whites… like, that’s a weird thing to say. but hey, billions of people still claim to believe in god, so they believe a man created himself and shit out the universe from nothing. gl with those beliefs… i suggest being aware and protecting yourself..as much as you can, because society is built on trusting people, but you really cant trust anyone.

AntiFa and BLM claim to care about the people and claim to fight for justice, then you hear about how they killed a black …retired policeman by slitting his throat, and burned down a black man’s business, and hit old white dudes with hammers in the face. dont even get me started on AntiFa since their collective tactics look like Nazism to a jew like me.

3 weeks ago | thumb_up 0 thumb_down 1


Well the universe had to come from someone. So either GOD made it, or it literally came from nothing.

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:thumb_up_2: :thumb_up_2: :thumb_up_2: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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400IQ & the knower of perfection

:rabbit_hole: hey. stup it. god is crazy because the universe cant shit itself out from nothing, and that’s what god means to most people.. a magical man who shit himself into existence with magic, then shit the universe into existence.

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Did you say that theres some BLM at the end of the video and that you should be safe there? :laughing_1:

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