Jason Rupp

I am a travel vlogger bringing you the real & unique locals experience. I often do this in an ASMR style, but in my way. My goal is that you can totally immerse yourself into the situation I am in.

Everywhere I go, I visit the local barbershop for a haircut, hair wash, pedicure, facial, foot scrub, massage, or a straight razor hot towel shave, and then probably will eat the spiciest or most delicious food I can find.

I want to engage and connect with you. Was it an awesome video? Tell me! Was it a crappy video, and I didn’t follow some foreign custom correctly, or did I give out some wrong facts?

I spend a lot of time in NYC, Jakarta, Bangkok, and Pattaya.
To enjoy life, you gotta live it.

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My favorite part about this Youtube travel channel is the comment section.
This channel is co-produced by Carla Marie Rupp.

Jason Rupp

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